What Are The Contributions To Knowledge Of Your Thesis?

I believe that my research has made some major contributions to the field of sociology. Being a sociology major, I have always had an interest in looking at society and the way people behave in it. Composing a thesis on sociology only seemed like the natural step after enjoying it so much during my time in college.

My research seeks to find the impact of social media and technology on younger people. Of course, recently, social media has come under heavy criticism from parents and academics alike. Many things have been blamed on social media, and my research is focused on the actual impact that social media has on people, especially in terms of their communication.

Existing Knowledge

Many students struggle to find existing papers that are worthwhile to include in their papers. There is an entire section in thesis papers devoted to analyzing the material that already exists on the field.

There are many resources that I utilized when composing my paper and to bring myself up to scratch on the subject. Online academic journals focused on sociology are a great place to start for any student writing a thesis paper. Most journals have a large archive so you can explore the past material about your topic, along with seeing the latest research being conducted on your topic.

There are also many offline avenues that you can explore. The best is your local and university library. They will have many important textbooks centered on your subject. Due to the diverse range of books stocked at libraries, even if you are not writing about a sociology topic, you should have no problems finding relevant information about your subject.

Contributions Of My Work

It is very common for the media to attribute any wrongdoing to social media, painting social media platforms as evil and the cause of many behavioral problems in children. My research is focused on finding the actual effects of social media on younger people, particular millennials.

My contributions have found very surprising results for the impact social media has had on those who have grown up using it. Perhaps the least surprising is the fact that those who use social media extensively have more problems communicating in person.

Another result is that, no, social media is not the root cause of all wrongdoing in the world. Antisocial or bad behavior was seen at the same rates among those who used social media often and those who did not.

I am very proud of the contributions I have been able to make to the field of sociology through my thesis research. My aim was to clear misconceptions related to social media and I feel that I have achieved this.