What Are The Main Achievements Of Your Research?

My research took a long time to successfully complete to a high level. My thesis paper was based on the effects of social media and technology on the millennial generation. This is the first generation to be brought up with technology playing a very large part in the way in which they communicate.

I was very interested in finding out the impact technology has had on the ability of people to communicate with each other. Since social media is a recent phenomenon, there is not much literature on this topic.


My research has uncovered many important aspects of social media and its effect on communication. I found out that the younger people who use social media extensively in their lives feel more anxiety when communicating with someone in person.

This anxiety is further exacerbated when communicating with someone they do not know. Another important aspect of my research is the fact that many older groups have also adopted social media and technology at large rates. This shows how accessible social media is and how anyone can come to grips with using it, even those who grew up without it.

Interestingly, those in the older age groups who use social media very often feel no anxiety when communicating in person. The reason for this could be that they have grown in a world without social media and technology dominating the way in which people communicate with each other.

Another aspect of my research is the fact that antisocial behavior has no link with social media usage. Many people have theorized that extensive use of social media leads to bad behavior from children, however, my research found no correlation between the two; those who use social media often are as likely to engage in antisocial behavior than those who do not.

I would say that these are the main achievements of my research. Bringing more light to social media and its effect on younger people is a very important topic that should be researched further. Social media platforms are relatively new, and their impact is largely unknown, however I hope to further advance this knowledge with the publication of my thesis.

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My thesis on social media and its impact of younger people will have a considerable impact on sociology. The main achievements that I have outlined confirm or debunk many widely held beliefs that had no prior evidence for them.