How Long-Term Are These Contributions?

As you may know, my thesis paper is based on a sociology topic and it is about the effects of social media on younger people, particularly millennials. A lot of hard work and dedication has gone into undertaking this research, and one of my main goals was to ensure that my research could be long lasting.

However, admittedly, my research could only be limited to the scope of social media at the time of undertaking my research. There is no telling how future technology might change communication or how different social media platforms could change its impact on people.


What my research achieves, however, is to show how communication that is not in person can affect a person’s ability to communicate effectively in real life. One of the major results of my research is that younger people who use social media regularly have a harder time communicating in person. There are a myriad of scientific reasons behind this that my thesis explores in depth.

This result can be used to predict how social media in the future may impact other people. It is clear to see that interacting through a screen can hinder one’s ability to communicate effectively in person.

During my research, many of those who used social media or technology to communicate extensively showed signs of anxiety when communicating with someone in person, even if they knew that person well.

However, there is no telling on how technology might change in the future. For instance, it could become easier to communicate face to face more often, such as Skype, and this could become more popular than texting or writing over social media. In this case, it could be possible that people’s communicating skills could be improved.

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My contributions might not be too useful in the future since they are based on the current technology. However, behaviors associated with social media use could be extrapolated for the future.